Thursday, May 27, 2010

Almost There

Tomorrow we will be picking up keys to our new place!! There has been so much going on to get ready for this move that sitting down and blogging seems to be last on the list.. The next post will be a look at the realities of moving.. My house looking like a bomb has gone off in it, pictures of myself and family laying around looking like zombies since the flu has descended upon us. Yes, the flu right now. seriously?? I don't have time for this!! So I am going to take a picturesque vacation through things that will be inspiring our new place :)

~Erika Ann

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I am married to my knight in shining armor and we have two amazing boys. J is 10 going on 16 :) and K is 3 and always trying to make you laugh. We have recently moved from our hometown of North Pole, Alaska to Colorado. We will be documenting the process as start over and create our life and our new home.